The Universidad Andrés Bello has a number of clinics at which patients are attended. It is important to note that at each of these educational clinics, all student work is performed under the expert supervision of a faculty professor, thereby providing the training needed to provide the best patient care possible.

Clínicas UNAB

Odontology Clinic

The Odontology Clinic of the Universidad Andrés Bello provides high quality treatment using cutting-edge dental technology. This Clinic supports the academic and professional formation of students by providing optimal instruction and practical application via patient care.

Within the academic program, all orthodontic specialties are considered, and both the Odontology Program and Clinic are comprised of a distinguished professional team that diligently offers its best work to the community.

The Faculty of Odontology has three Odontology Clinics (in Santiago, Viña del Mar, and Concepción). Each Clinic is equipped with all of the dental instruments required for attending a wide gamma of patients.

Legal Clinic

The goal of the Legal Clinic of the Universidad Andrés Bello is the clinical instruction of law. In other words, this Clinic provides students a sphere in which they can practically apply the concepts they have been taught during the previous years of their degree program.

The students, supervised by an instructor, assist persons that do not have the economic means to hire a lawyer from a private law firm. Therefore, the aid, orientation, and legal assistance given is for those with limited resources and means.

For consultations, please visit the Legal Clinic at Bellavista 0121, Level -1, or call at: (56 2) 2661-8325.

Center for Psychological and Psychiatric Treatment

The Center for Psychological and Psychiatric Treatment provides the community with a wide range of services related to psychological assistance and mental health, including psychodiagnosis, psychotherapy, and psychopedagogy and psychiatric evaluations and psychotherapies.

Since this is a specialized clinic open to the general public, any person can reserve an appointment for an evaluation. Furthermore, the center has a number of agreements and partnerships with public and private entities to facilitate referrals and strengthen outreach efforts.