Over the last decades, the Universidad Andrés Bello (UNAB) has been recognized nationally and internationally as a top-quality University. This is the result of constant, committed, and systematic initiatives led by different actors within the UNAB community.


Our strategy of managing educational material to meet social demands has brought us the trust of the thousands of families and students who have chosen UNAB as their place of study. Furthermore, UNAB is the only private university accredited in investigation by the National Accreditation Agency (CNA), in addition to being accredited in Institutional Management, Undergraduate Instruction, and Outreach.

To constantly and committedly train competent individuals able to ethically participate in society requires meeting new educational challenges that contemplate current social and global contexts. Considering this, UNAB instituted a collective reflection process in which diverse actors from the educational community conducted studies on the national and international challenges present 1) in higher education and 2) regarding the strengths and weaknesses of internal management. The results of these studies can be applied to review the relevance of educational guidelines and to make adjustments to maintain and improve the educational services provided to the community.

The present document is the result of reflection, learning, and growth based on educational experiences over the course of UNAB’s history. This document presents the fundamental pillars of our educational model, together with the guidelines that direct institutional understandings on providing education for transformation.

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