One of the objectives of the Universidad Andrés Bello is to consolidate implementation of our Educational Model by achieving institutional and program-specific standards of excellence and quality, the references of which are the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) and criteria of the CNA. Importantly, this objective is closely accompanied by the continuous goal of improving instructor efficiency and effectivity.

Excelencia Académica UNAB

To achieve this objective, diverse formats for undergraduate studies are now offered (e.g. Advanced Undergraduate, distinct hours and campus, on-site vs. partly on-site) and more postgraduate offerings are available. Likewise, the number of instructors with postgraduate credentials has increased.

Furthermore, training and other opportunities for continued development should be offered to the Faculty. Not of lesser importance, University infrastructure and installations need to be improved to provide first-rate service.

A final objective is to promote and facilitate student training for a globalized world, together with encouraging the recruitment of foreign students.