Fundación Educación y Cultura is a Chilean non-profit organization established with the sole purpose of contributing to the development of Chile through the promotion and improvement of higher education, and all its assets are destined exclusively to the achievement of this goal.

Currently, this Foundation is the supporting entity of Universidad Andrés Bello (UNAB).

Together with this university, Fundación Educación y Cultura is also the supporting entity for Universidad de Las Américas (UDLA) and Universidad Viña del Mar (UVM), as well as Instituto Profesional Escuela Moderna de Música y Danza.

Its directors, Jorge Selume Zaror, who presides it, and Juan Antonio Guzmán Molinari, are Chilean professionals with a long history in the higher education system.

Among other outstanding academic, teaching, and educational management experiences, both have been close to Universidad Andrés Bello since early in their careers, in addition to serving as members of higher levels of university governance in multiple Chilean and foreign educational institutions.

The hallmarks of the foundation are academic training quality, a secular spirit, pluralism, freedom of thought, accessibility, inclusion, and diversity.

In addition to its purpose of improving and promoting higher education in the country by managing, sustaining, and administrating educational institutions, the Foundation also declares the development and promotion of science, art, and culture as a complementary objective.