Our Mission

We seek to offer an enriching educational experience tailored to a globalized world and supported by critical thinking and the continuous generation of knowledge through research.

Our institutional vision

We seek to be recognized as one of the best universities in Chile. We thrive through the sharing of knowledge. We strongly believe that global alliances will strengthen the depth and reach of our research and teaching opportunities.

Our Values

Pursuing the common good through advancing knowledge, caring for our community, caring for the environment, and cultivating long-term relationships based on a thirst for learning.



Drive towards excellence: We have a passion for doing things well, with a strong spirit of self-criticism and seeking continuous improvement.

Accountability: We believe in being responsible for our actions, understanding that the benefits of a good education should impact society.

Diversity and Inclusion: We welcome all. We are respectful and tolerant of all ideas and creeds.

Honor: We value honesty and trustworthiness. We expect ethical behavior from all our members, as reflected in our honor code.