The Universidad Andrés Bello hosts a number of activities that promote sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with the University environment and with the general community. These activities foster culture, communicate new knowledge/research, and support social responsibility.

Vinculación con el medio UNAB

Community outreach initiatives form an integral part of UNAB, particularly since these activities serve as an opportunity for UNAB to demonstrate its commitment to the development of the country, in addition to creating instances for the enrichment of and feedback on instructional practices and research.

The Community Outreach Office of UNAB is charged with coherently, systematically, and continuously organizing community outreach initiatives, per alignment with institutional norms. The Community Outreach Office further ensures synergistic integration between distinct activities.

Each year, the Santiago, Viña del Mar, and Concepción campuses organize hundreds of free academic and cultural activities for the entire University and general communities.