Forming part of a university is a privilege earned through hard work and dedication. The UNAB student, as with anyone, is searching to continue their professional formation and obtain higher levels of education. Within the UNAB culture, students share common personal goals and an interest in widening their personal knowledge.


The university experience is much more than degree programs and exams; it involves sharing with many people, some with similar interests and experiences and others with very different perspectives. All of this is accompanied by support from UNAB instructors and administrative personnel, who are fully familiar with the challenges faced by students in any stage of study.

University life and the student experience naturally coexist. Higher education is characterized by offering a greater degree of specialization that, in turn, requires more concentration from students than did previous educational levels. It is due to this that students must develop new personal abilities and more deeply assess their environment, asking new questions in the search for comprehensive development. UNAB supports this search through a series of diverse services that respond to student needs, stimulate student interests, and accompany students during each stage of formation.

The Universidad Andrés Bello community supports the university experience in a unique way, with classmates and instructors forming part of an environment in which constant, open dialogue is promoted, thus coexisting with and influencing the life of each student.