The investment of an Honorary Degree is a high distinction awarded to individuals of recognized and impeccable social standing. Such standing is gained by exemplifying virtues and qualities that differentiate the individual from his/her peers and that transcend families, persons, institutions, and the specific actions for which the individual is recognized.


According to Article Three on the Regulation of Academic Distinctions, an Honorary Degree is awarded to those who possess merits worth recognition, for outstanding performance that contributes to the advancement of knowledge and of creativity in the humanities, sciences, and arts. In general, recipients also exemplify high ethical and social values that benefit the University, the Chilean nation, and humanity as a whole.

The Universidad Andrés Bello has so far bestowed 16 illustrious scientists, researchers, thinkers and artists with an Honorary Doctorate Degree:

  • Sir Richard Roberts (2014)
  • Pedro Cunill Grau (2013)
  • Dr. Eric Wieschaus y Sir John Gurdon (2012)
  • Mario Vargas Llosa (2011)
  • Nelson Mandela (2010)
  • Claus Roxin (2009)
  • Marcela Contreras (2009)
  • Enrique Valentín Iglesias García (2008)
  • Woodie Flowers (2007)
  • Cristina Gallardo Domas (2007)
  • Alvaro Uribe (2006)
  • José María Aznar (2006)
  • Alfred Sommer (2006)
  • Máximo Pacheco (2004)
  • Otto Kernberg (2003)
  • Per-Ingvar Branemark (2002)
  • Gonzalo Rojas (1998)

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