Scientific research is one of the fundamental pillars sustaining the solid prestige that the Universidad Andrés Bello has established over its 26 years of history. In fact, UNAB was the first non-traditional Chilean university to be accredited in research.

Investigación UNAB

UNAB opens its halls to academic endeavors and invites the search for excellence through investigative rigor and absolute dedication. UNAB believes that a true scientist is one whose final goal is to contribute to the development of the country and, more importantly, to serve humanity.

Each one of UNAB’s research centers has hosted investigators who have led important scientific and technological advancements. UNAB promotes research in a wide range of areas, from galaxies, biotechnology, nanoparticles, farming/agriculture, sustainable development, medicine, and new pathologies to social conflicts and education.

UNAB’s researchers are leaders in national rankings on scientific publications, and the groundwork of knowledge created by these investigators is starting to be transformed into applicable solutions. By supporting an active process of innovation, UNAB researchers have the potential to impact society. This foundation of information is also essential for the formation of advanced human capital, which is trained through the nine doctoral programs offered by UNAB.