To achieve our Vision, a number of values are followed that promote the wellbeing of the University community and society as a whole. These values inspire our daily tasks and go beyond student-instructor interactions, forming part of the spirit for all those at the Universidad Andrés Bello.


• EXCELLENCE: Involves developing a passion for doing things well, together with developing an ability to self-criticize and a desire for continuous improvement that, in turn, requires life-long learning.

• RESPONSIBILITY: To oneself, the University, and the society in general. The educational process that we offer means that students are not only beneficiaries of instruction, but also contribute to social wellbeing.

• PLURALISM: The University welcomes all ideas and beliefs that are respectfully and tolerantly expressed within and outside of the classroom.

• RESPECT: For the focus of our daily endeavors – the student. The student is a multidimensional individual who seeks a balanced, life-long education within our University.

• INTEGRITY: The University values honesty, transparency, loyalty, and ethical behavior in all services and within the entire academic community.