In mid-2003, the Universidad Andrés Bello was accepted as a member of the prestigious Laureate International Network. This led to UNAB development becoming centered on four strategic axes: the consolidation of health-oriented programs, with special emphasis on research and clinical practice; the diversification of postgraduate programs; the amplification and consolidation of Research Nuclei; and, particularly, internationalization of the University.

Since obtaining full autonomy, the Universidad Andrés Bello has become the primary private university in Chile and a leader in terms of significant research contributions.

However, to obtain the highest level of excellence possible, and to become incorporated among the current select group of dominant Chilean universities, UNAB needs effective international collaborations that provide the academic community with access to the benefits of globalization.

The essential attributes of internationalization were supported through significant financial contributions and the tremendous opportunity to form part of a portfolio comprised by prestigious universities and educational institutions from Europe and the United States, all of which are accredited by agencies specialized in quality assurance.

Furthermore, the Laureate Educational Network has facilitated a number of educational agreements through which students have the opportunity to validate and complete studies abroad, participate in joint degree programs, and incorporate English as a second language within all degree programs.

This final objective resulted in the establishment of a Department of English to provide linguistic support to the entire UNAB community. This Department has the additional aim of offering a modern English Program that consistently implements advancements in technology to ensure that English graduates are able to draw upon national and international experiences.

Together with institutional integrity, the Universidad Andrés Bello Office of International Relations offers students opportunities to participate in a number of exchange and joint degree programs with universities worldwide.