To ensure that the community can freely access all information related to the operations and projections of the Universidad Andrés Bello, we are opening a transparency platform that includes all relevant information and data pertaining to the financial statements of our University.


Our institution is constantly working to maintain the highest standards of quality in all areas related to project operations. This drive has led to the positioning of UNAB as one of the most important universities in the Chile, in regards to both research contributions and the quality of students and instructors.

The provided data correspond to the financial information requested by the Ministry of Education, which has been duly sent to this entity. This section also provides a series of explanatory notes to explain the distinct items contained within the respective financial statements, thus facilitating better reader comprehension of the information presented within the report.

We hope this website will allow all interested parties to more fully understand the complexity and accuracy exercised by our University in the interest of maximizing the quality of this valued endeavor.

For more information, visit UNAB TRANSPARENCY